Art, history, nature and gastronomy :

all the richness of the Provence !

The Provence owes its name from the Roman time : the first conquest of the Transalpine Gaule between 58 and 51 B.C. It is this name of « Provincia » which will give much later « Provence ».


Situated in the hearth of Provence, near the Alpilles mountain chain and not far from Aix-en-Provence and the Mediterranean Sea, Lambesc knew how to preserve its identity and offers a very appreciated life situation,


We put at your disposal a selection of flyers that will help you to organise your visits during your stay at the Oustau.


At 5 min

The zoo and Barben castle, a historic monument, on the footsteps of the King René and Jean de Forbin the second.

For glutonnies

The calissons, almond paste aromatised with melon and orange confits, are the Aix-en-Provence speciality since the XVIIth century, Visit for free the « Calisson Museum » situated between St-Cannat and Celony.


At 15 min

Aix-en-Provence, painter Paul Cézanne's (1839-1906) and writter Emile Zola's (1840-1902) town.

From Lambesc

A 6 miles foot path (2h30) will take you through vineyards and will make you discover the architecturals richnesses of Lambesc.

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